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Sunday, 22 May 2016



Yesterday I attended the Vogue Festival and a fabulous talk by one of my all time beauty icons Kim Kardashian West and makeup artist extraordinaire Charlotte Tilbury. Since picking up a ticket a month or so ago, I've been waiting patiently for the day to come around. 

My inner fan-girl was dying to escape and scream with excitement. Although I know the Kardashian clan aren't everyones cup of tea, I thought I would share this post with you about the day and of course, what I really thought of Kimmy K.

The first dilemma was choosing something to wear. What does one wear to an event hosted by the fashion Gods of the world? Of course, I left it until the day before to think about it. On a mad rush on my lunch break, I picked up with fab culotte jumpsuit and heels from New Look. I never thought culottes would be a trend that I would buy into, but sure enough it was so comfortable and I felt I had dressed well for the occasion, if I do say so myself.

Makeup. Since I was going to see the Queen of Contour and one of the top makeup artists to ever exist, I felt a lot of pressure to get my makeup right. Of course, neither of them even saw my face but in the chance that they might, I wanted to be happy with the look I had chosen.

I spent all morning blending, fiddling with false lashes and 'following the hollow' as Charlotte would say. I opted for a bold lip after running a Twitter poll, which is clearly the best way to make important life decisions. I wore the ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade Limbo. It lasted amazing well throughout the day and didn't go flakey at all.

Then onto the highlight of the day, seeing Kim in person. Whether you are a fan or not, you cannot fault how stunning she looked. Her skin, makeup and outfit were on point. And she truly looks more beautiful in person than she does in photos. She came across really genuine, funny and seemed like a really nice person. They always say you should never meet your idols because they will disappoint. However I can say she definitely didn't disappoint, I am now in awe of her even more than I was before. Even Kanye made an appearance (check out his head in the photo below by Kim's knee).

Charlotte and Kim talked about beauty, work and openly about life. They seemed to bounce off of each other really well and clearly are both very driven and successful business women. If I could pick both their brains for just one minute.

When leaving the talk, I bumped into someone in the industry who is a huge inspiration to me. I spotted her straight away but was astonished that no one else was even blinking an eye. If you haven't already seen, I met the amazing and inspirational Alessandra Steinherr, Beauty Director of Glamour UK. I have followed this woman on social media for at least 4 years now, her Sunday Facials are the best part of the Sundays. She is one of the top beauty experts in the industry and genuinely has my dream job. I caught her eye as we were leaving the talk and plucked up the courage to ask for a photo. She was so lovely and told me my makeup was gorgeous *can no longer form a sentence*. I tried to play it semi-cool but I'm pretty sure it won't have come across that way.

Once in the main festival tent, there was lots of things going on from Tom Ford and Bobbi Brown makeovers, to manicures and talks. Annoyingly I forgot my purse so couldn't pick up any souvenirs from the day *insert sad face*. It was great to see everyone dressed to the nines and working the latest trends. It was such a nice experience, it was a shame that I went alone. I have to say though, things like the Vogue Festival make me so thankful that I live in London and get to experience these once in a life time moments. The festival was a great success and I hope they continue to host great events for the public and us small time bloggers to attend. 

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