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Friday, 31 March 2017


Brows are one of the makeup steps that I can no longer skip. So when I was first introduced to the Eylure brow products I was excited to see how they worked. 

Brow Amplifier, £9.95

The brow amplifier is my favourite from the three of the products, i's also a dupe for the Benefit Gimme Brow just with a slightly thicker wand.

The little brush grabs each individual hair, making brows more defined and also helps to keep them in place. I tend to wipe off some of the excess product so it's easier to control but it's great for defining the direction of your brows. I tend to apply after going in with a powder for that extra oomph but it can easily just be used on it's own if you prefer a more natural brow.

Brow Magician, £11.95

The Brow Magician is a two in one, so perfect if you are travelling and trying to condense your collection. One end has a nib to allow you to draw on or emphasise your brow hairs which is very similar to the Brow Definer from ABH. It's small enough that you can get a neat, defined line which is really easy to control.

The other end unscrews to reveal a coloured brow gel (similar to the amplifier) to set your brows in place - which is what makes this one a winning combo.

Brow Designer, £10.95

The last of the three is a the brow designer, which I have left until last because it's not really for me. It works by combing over the brows with the funky little nib which then applies more of a tinted brow. Those who want a natural brow and want to darken them slightly will love this. I just don't love it because I already have naturally dark full brows.

Overall, I am super impressed by the Eylure brow products. They are great quality, pigmented and come in a range of shades to work for all hair colours. I actually prefer the Brow Amplifier to the Benefit Gimme Brow as I find it works better with the colour of my natural hair.

They've also just released a new collection with blogger powerhouse Fleur de Force, which I believe is an even bigger range. If you love brows and want a good quality product that won't break the bank, you don't need to look any further. 

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