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Sunday, 9 December 2018


You're engaged, you've entered a new level of commitment and you will at some point be marrying the love of your life. Now what?

1. Get used to the ring

If like me, you aren't a jewellery person it's difficult to get used to putting on a ring every morning. Everyone has a their own approach but for me it was quite an adjustment. Some leave it on to shower, get ready, cook - I just take it off when I get home. It's like a uniform I wear out of the house. If I'm changing into my PJ's after a long day of work - it's certainly coming off. 

2. Engaged behaviour

We've now been together over 7 years, which is generally considered a serious relationship. But as soon as you become engaged, it feels a little different. Even though you've always been 'end goal' - you're now starting to realise that you are going to be with this person forever. Lots of emotions can come up with excitement, happiness - but it's also okay to feel a little overwhelmed. Especially when all the wedding questions start.

3. Telling your engagement story

Every engagement story is different, some are elaborate and over the top, others are simply sentimental. Whatever your story is, it'll be special to you. But just after getting engaged you'll find you tell the story over, over and over again - with a bunch of mixed reactions. Someone will gush, coo, and then other just look underwhelmed. Feel free to share as much or as little detail as you wish, after all - the moment is special for the two of you.

4. Wedding Planning

Now you're engaged, you've got to plan a whole wedding right away? Wrong. Take your time, you want to plan your perfect day without feeling rushed to make hasty decisions. If you haven't attended any weddings before, it can be hard to know where to start and a little daunting. However, there's plenty of help online that can help you build your plans, timelines and budget to make sure you've got every detail covered. But don't worry if you also just want to enjoy the bliss of being engaged for a while first.

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